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Cotswold Organic Blue-Veined Brie is crowned Supreme Champion

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

At last we can see the end to our grass harvesting season, which this year seems to have gone on too long. We seem to be set into some odd weather patterns at the moment, I am not sure if its all down to global warning or not. Actually I”m a bit of a sceptic! I have an old blanket box built by my great Grandfather and under the lid he has written; 1896 No rain April 2 to October 27! So I”m not certain what advances have been made in the science of climatology. There is also a treatment for the cattle disease called Wooden Tongue, and by the looks of things we can be more grateful for the advances in the science of animal medicine!

On the cheese front we were thrilled to get Supreme Champion status at this years Three Counties Show with COTSWOLD BLUE, which was great news. Its always a big boost for everyone involved when you win a prize, especially when its Supreme Champion. Actually all of our cheese won a first prize, so we came away with a goodly pile of prize cards!  Its always nice as well when we get letters or emails from customers who have enjoyed the cheese, we always pin these to the wall in the creamery because in so many ways these are the best prizes we can get.

Harvest is about to start, so here’s hoping that we can get a good run of nice sunny weather to allow us to get the job done without fuss.


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