Simon Weaver Cotswold Organic Dairy


Friday, November 7th, 2008

All the cows are now safely inside their winter accomodation and are happily munching their way through all the silage and feed we have made over the summer months. There is something rather satisfying about having them in, especially in a year when its been so wet and miserable. Although we have had plenty of grass at the end of the year its been impossible to make good use of it as the fields have been so wet. Getting cows in and out becomes a real grind, especially as the days get short and the nights colder.

This winter we have been joined by Ryan who has come up from Cornwall and joins Richard and Tom. Everyone milks and we share weekends but it still means early starts, 5:00am, and long days. Someone checks the cows last thing in the evening and if any mums look like they are going to calve then it can be a very late night indeed.

We are begining to increase cheese production in readiness for the Christmas rush, so its full speed everywhere.

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