Simon Weaver Cotswold Organic Dairy

The Creamery

Our dedicated artisan cheesemakers are passionate about cheese.

We’ve had great fun searching the length and breadth of Britain, as well as abroad, to find the right skills, knowledge and people to fine tune our cheesemaking.

The exact recipes for our individual cheeses are a closely guarded secret – but we can let you know that they are entirely natural and contain just pasteurised milk, rennet and the appropriate cultures. No preservatives or artificial additives are needed, and we don’t mess with our milk by standardising it. This means that the cheeses vary in taste and texture, depending upon which meadow the cows graze and the time of year.

After the milk has travelled just five metres from the milking shed to the Creamery, the cheesemaking process begins in earnest at 6.30am. Our skilled cheesemakers then work quickly within a four hour period to produce a batch of 1200 cheeses from the 1500 litres of milk the girls have generated. The process requires careful timing and intense concentration, and the cheesemakers prefer not to be disturbed during this time, so mobile phones are always left in a pile outside the Creamery door.

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